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Can't figure how much you should tip? Use this simple tipping calculator!

This handy calculator is here to help you figure out how much you need to tip. Just input your order total and what percentage you want to tip!
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How to Calculate Tip Amount with Our Tip Calculator

To use our online tip calculator just enter the total amount of your bill and input the percentage you wish to tip. The calculator will automatically compute the total tip amount for you in dollars. This tool is designed to make tipping hassle-free, ensuring you can easily reward great service without any math headaches.

How to Calculate the Tip Amount with Your Phone Calculator

If you prefer using your calculator app here's how:

  • Enter the total bill amount.
  • Multiply it by the tip percentage you want to give. Remember to convert the percentage into decimal form (e.g., 20% becomes 0.20).
  • The result is the tip amount to add to your bill.

What is a Tip?

A tip, or gratuity, is a voluntary monetary expression of appreciation for service, often given in addition to the basic charge. While not mandatory, tipping is a widespread cultural practice. Its significance varies globally, being nearly obligatory in places like the United States, where it significantly supplements service workers' income, but potentially offensive in countries like Japan. Tipping etiquette, important for both domestic and international contexts, suggests discreet and respectful giving, with the amount reflecting service quality. For many in the service industry, such as waitstaff, bartenders, and hairdressers, tips are a crucial part of their earnings, making them an essential gesture of support and acknowledgment.

Typical Tip Amounts by Service Type Table

Service Type Suggested Tip Amount
Restaurants 15-20%
Bars $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the tab
Taxis 10-15%
Hotel Room Service 15-20%
Hairdressers/Barbers 10-20%
Spa Services 15-20%

Note: These are general guidelines and may vary based on service quality and local customs.